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Dylan at the Opera is an album of Bob Dylan tracks performed in different genres of rock and operatic vocals by the Israeli band Diva de Lai. Pre Order Dylan At The Opera from iTunes http://bit.ly/DivaDeLai

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Trivia about the music video “Senor”: In the the first scene where the character appears, the setting is very similar to the design of the album cover of Dylan’s Street Legal album where the song Senor was taken from.http://bit.ly/18abl4W #opera #rock #dylanattheopera#senor

Diva de Lai’s Dylan on the Radio album trivia: “No compromise was made with the quality of the instruments: when we needed a piano, we went and looked for the a studio with the best Grand; when we needed a Rhodes, we brought in a Rhodes. This is all the same for the acoustic instruments as well as the double bass, trumpets and even a real full scale harp that was used on two of the tracks!”


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On their music arrangement and concept of the tracks in their album #dylanontheradio:

Aside from opera, our music is a fusion of different rock genres. 
Classic 80’s rock (North Country Blues, Ring Them Bells)
Hard Rock (As I Went Out One Morning, Don’t Think Twice, Is Your Love In Vain, If You See Her Say Hello)
Heavy Metal (Senior, Belle Isle)
Country rock (Wedding Song, You’re gonna make me lonesome) 
and other influences like Dub\Rock\classical music (Dirge, Let It Be Me). #divadelai #bobdylan #opera #rock


We give music consulting to a new rap band. There music is very tough with hard texts. They undecided about the name of the band from the following three possible names. Can you help to select?

1. “Fuck Me Over the Rain-Ball”
2. “Marginal Life”
3. “Unobserved”

At the end of our last show, two lovely girls approached me. One said: For you, the sky is not the limit, it’s just a short break, and another said: The sea is cruel and you are not one of the survivors.

And I told myself that I need a third woman or better drum sticks.